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Rachel M. James

Producer | Director | Filmmaker | Journalist

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The Journalist Rachel

Rachel is a Journalism & Mass Communication student at North Carolina A&T State University. Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, she had hopes and dreams of becoming the next biggest actress or VICE reporter. It was only a matter of time, faith, perseverance, and hard work before the daughter of an IT specialist would eventually pave her own trail into the world of entertainment and production, which navigates her both in front and behind the camera in the film industry. The youngest of three graduating from high school, James knew that her creative mind would drive her to be the best in any field she chose.

James has participated in organizations and apprenticeships to perfect her craft in the entertainment industry. She has an apprenticeship with the Director of Makeup and Costume design at A&T and is in organizations such as Richard B. Harrison Players for acting, National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) for journalism, and Young Black Leadership Alliance (YBLA) for leadership. James does more than get involved with organizations. She is the founder of her non-profit, Multitude with One, which she started as a senior in YBLA. The non-profit helps the communities of Greensboro and Charlotte.

In her studies at A&T, James continues her passions behind and in front of the camera. Realizing that she is in the wrong concentration, James knew that production and filmmaking were her ultimate passion. Bringing audiences all over the world knowledge, entertainment, and brain-turning films is something she strives to do currently and wants to do even more later in her career.

Among her other organizations and activities, James has started an informal news show called The Real Spill Show. Starting in September of 2022 with a team of five students, including herself, she produced, directed, managed, and edited the show to be posted every Saturday. Currently, she has 30 and counting students who are gaining production, social media, writing, and reporting experience to put on their resumes and have fun.

James has also conducted numerous interviews, such as a red-carpet movie premiere for Making Him Famous. One-on-One interviews with numerous individuals in the corporate world from companies such as Nasdaq, PWC, Bank of America, and even NBA Corporate Office. She uses interpersonal communication to have these interviews with people such as students on the Student Government Board of A&T, Detroit Poets such as Soulful Poetry and EnterpriseFilm, even upcoming music artists of 1891 Hot Top 10 and rapper Bali Baby.

Continuously expanding her knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry, James has started her own production company called Rise Above TV Productions, where she and her team create shorts, short films, movies, and series as current college students. As the talented, passionate, and committed growing black woman she is, James sets out to influence, inspire, uplift, and serve individuals in her community through positive and inspirational television, in front and behind the camera. James is currently based in North Carolina but is excited to move wherever her career takes her.

The Director and Production Rachel

The Real Spill Show | The Interviewer

Latest Films

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The Producer & Director

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